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Who Says You Can't Wear Makeup With Your Eyelash Extensions?

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

We’ve made a quick and easy list of Do's and Don'ts when wearing makeup with your eyelash extensions.

You just got your eyelash extensions done, and for the first time ever, your Lash Artist drops a bomb : “You can’t wear makeup with your lash extensions”.

What if I told you that was a lie? You totally CAN wear makeup with your eyelash extensions. This is coming from a Lash AND a Makeup Artist who has been in the industry for quite some time. There are a few ways to bend the rules so you can still wear makeup and get the most out of your lashes.

Here's how:

  • Stay the HELL away from mascara. Why are you reaching for it anyway? You have eyelash extensions and you’re already accentuating your lashes. Applying mascara to your extensions (yes, even when you are waiting for your fill ) will absolutely destroy them -especially when you have volume lashes. The mascara clumps and sticks the lash extensions together and the process is often irreversible. Also, good luck washing the mascara out and keeping the integrity of your lashes. You’ll either lose your natural lashes, your extensions or both.

  • Use oil-free products when possible. If you have makeup or skin care that you cant live without such as creams, try your best to avoid your eye area.

  • Do NOT use waterproof eyeliner. Imagine trying to take that off and keep your lashes in tacked. N-O-P-E, not happening. Stay away from pencil, gel and cream eyeliner. If you must wear liner, make it water-based so that it can wash off easily without you tugging on those extensions.

  • Do NOT use cotton swabs or q-tips to remove any of your eye makeup. The fibers will catch on to the base of your extensions. Instead, use a disposable lip wand or a micro fiber tip with oil-free makeup remover to clean hard to reach areas.

  • Sticking to matte shadows that don't have fallout is a great way to add some pizzazz to your eyes without compromising your lashes. If you do get some eyeshadow fallout on your lashes, use a clean spoolie, and brush it out.

The idea here is to make sure that you are keeping your lashes clean, you’re using the right products, and you’re not picking, rubbing or tugging at your extensions. This way you disrupt the retention of your lashes the LEAST amount, while still wearing your everyday favs.

I leave you with one final suggestion: If you are a makeup and extensions lover like me and you refuse to give up your daily makeup routine, please, for the love of everyone involved in your eyelash extension journey, WASH YOUR LASHES. We know when you’re lying... just like the dentist knows you haven’t been flossing.

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